Interactive Notebooks

Practice makes perfect, although you have to practice consistently if you want to get to perfection.  Enter the interactive notebook.  Below are some examples that should give you some ideas for left-side output.  Remember:  this is your side!  Do whatever it takes to produce something that will help you learn the objectives from that day’s notes. 

Comic strip:  draw a comic illustrating your knowledge of that day’s historical event.







The concept web is a great way to show mastery of that day’s objective.  Remember to put the main idea in the center and then show how ideas connect.
















Mosaic Process:  Combine vocabulary, biographical information, and symbols to connect key concepts.  This example studies European wars in the 20th century. 

This is simpler:  an outline.  Divide your page up into three or more sections, each analyzing a different aspect of the place or person you’re studying.  This example describes the land in a place and then shows how the people spent their time there. 


A sensory figure is a detailed stick figure that shows how life was for people in different social classes throughout history through the five senses.  What did they see/hear/smell/taste/touch?

Sensory Figure

This is not just a vocabulary list.  It’s a detailed list of key terms, most of which have more than one bullet point. 


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